GE REVOLUTION EVO tomographic computer with a dedicated software designed for cardiovascular evaluation, pulmonary lump evaluation, virtual colonoscopy.

The CT REVOLUTION EVO allows rapid scanning with image reconstruction for a high definition visualization of the cardiac structures (coronary arteries, cardiac muscle, aorta, lower limbs arteries, carotid arteries). The REVOLUTION EVO CT has a system that reduces the irradiation dose which in return allows rapid patient re-evaluation (necessary in the case of neoplasia. Due to its reduced irradiation dose and extremely short scanning time it can also be used to evaluate children with cardiac defects.

Siemens 3 Tesla with myocardial necrosis evaluation software and fibrosis.

Cardiac MRI with Provita Hospital. The MRI appointment shall be made at with the examination to be made by doctors Clara Alexandrescu and Bogdan Alexandrescu.

Philips XC 50 Cardiac Ultra sound

It is a device used in cardiac operating rooms due to its high resolution and because it because it allows for cardiac valves visualization XXXXXX quantification.

Vivid S5 (GE) Ultrasound

It is a high mobility device that adapts to a large number of medical situations (classic consult, emergency evaluation in small spaces, elevator transportation). It is a high performance machine used for complete cardiovascular evaluation in adults and children, peripheral vascular evaluation, but also abdominal for evaluating digestive vessels and renal arteries.

Logic C5 (GE) general ultrasound

Allows for a precise diagnostic, essential in the case of disorders associated with cardiovascular disease. With the help of Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) the visualization of all details is much easier. The automatic function allows the enhancing of the contrast resolution by pressing a single button.