General terms

The center offers its patients the possibility to choose between ambulatory recovery and continuous recovery as follows:

1. Continuous hospital recovery

The optimum cardiovascular recovery period is 21 days. It is recommended that patients be transferred directly from the centers where they have been operated or where they have been treated for heart attacks. There are numerous benefits of continuous recovery:

2. Ambulatory recovery is mostly intended for patients close to the center.

It consists of 10 daily sessions 1.5 hour long each for 2 weeks from Monday to Friday. In the package the patient has an initial cardiac assessment (clinical exam, thoracic ultra sound, stress test) and cardiac assessment at the end of the program.

3. Cardiology

Admission for cardiovascular evaluation, examination and therapeutical plan.

Admission formalities

Scheduling admissions can be made:

When the admission formalities are done by a next of kin, the following documents must be submitted:

Medical file

The medical filed is prepared upon admission and a summary will be handed out when the patient is discharged. In order to fill out the medical file, patients must provide all previous medical documents (medical reports, medical letters from the cardiac surgeon, insulin administration protocols).

The CardioRec medical team will answer any request from the current physician or other specialists in regards to test results of patients treated in ambulatory or hospitalized. It is for this purpose that we provide patients with their full medical files containing all their test results.