Family Doctors

At CardioRec you can find your family physician. Dr. Oana Sisnisteanu is there both for you and for your children.

The biggest advantage of choosing a family physician from a multidisciplinary clinic you get a fast and correct diagnosis as well as a personalized treatment.

The family physician is the one that gives you the advice you need to prevent different conditions, councils you in order to have a healthy life style, in order to sort out medical issues and even for legal medical matters.

The family physician at CardioRec coordinates examinations, check-ups and care in the clinic, by having access to different specializations: blood work, cardiology, pediatrics, dermatology, pneumology, internal medicine.

The family physician is the one that can register newborns. You will get the support and information you need regarding child care and nutrition, vaccine administration, prophylactic and the therapeutical advice.

Also, here you will the support you need for medical documents necessary at different times: singing up for school, job change, marriage certificate, etc.

Singing up for the CardioRec family physician is very easy. For adults you need your ID and health card and the birth certificate for children.