Coronary Club

The Coronary Club has been created at the request of patients who have underwent recovery programs and wanted to continue exercising under medical supervision.

Physical activity under medical supervision is a solution for primary cardiovascular prevention as well as for secondary cardiovascular prevention.

The Coronary Club proposes 2 sessions of physical activity per month of low to moderate intensity under medical supervision after assessing the cardiovascular risk level by a cardiologist.

Who is it for?

Patients who have already suffered a cardiovascular event and need secondary cardiovascular prevention to prevent a relapse.

Healthy individuals with cardiovascular risk factors for whom primary cardiovascular prevention measures are needed in order to avoid an accident.

Eligible patients:

  • Post myocardial heart attack
  • Post coronary angioplasty with or without a stent implant
  • Post cardiac surgery
  • Stabilized cardiac deficiency
  • Arterial hypertension under treatment
  • Lower limbs arthritis
  • Individuals with cardiovascular risk (hereditary, dyslipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, obesity) based on a cardiac assessment

It is mandatory for patients to be stable from a cardiac point of view and to have a recommendation from their current cardiologist for low to moderate physical activity.

How to sign up

  1. Contact by phone or email the staff of the Coronary Club (located inside CardioRecCardiovascular Recovery Center in Corbeanca).
  2. Fill out the preliminary form with your risk factors and the diagnosed cardiovascular disease.
  3. Bring a medical certificate that confirms your cardiologist approval for you to practice moderate physical activity.It is mandatory upon sign up to present a stress test done no more than 2 weeks prior to signing up in order for the Coronary Club staff to have clear information about your physical effort threshold. The Coronary Club staff reserve their right to deny entry for individual for whom the risks are greater than the benefits.
  4. Pay the 40 euros/month fee (in RON at the NBR exchange rate on the day of the payment) and you will receive a membership card. The minimum membership is 3 months and the maximum 1 year. The patients who have been privately hospitalized in the CardioRecCenter enjoy a free 3-month subscription.
  5. Confirm your attendance at every session 24 hours in advance by phone or by email.
  6. Take part regularly in the sessions proposed by the club, exchange opinions with fellow colleagues and, most of all, keep smiling.
  7. Confirmați participarea dumneavoastră la fiecare ședință cu 24 de ore înainte de desfășurare, telefonic sau prin trimiterea unui mail cu numele dumneavoastră.
  8. Participați cu regularitate la ședințele propuse de club, schimbați opinii cu colegii de ședință și mai ales păstrați-vă zâmbetul pe buze!

The mission of the Coronary Club is to make you remember that many of the personalities you see on TV (heads of state, famous actors and so on) have managed to overcome the fear of cardiovascular disease and regain a normal life.

What are the benefits of the Coronary Club?

Taking part regularly in a moderate physical activity comes with great benefits for muscles, joints and balance. The patients are less stressed, they sleep better and are less tired. Moreover, there is a much better weight and hypertension control.

To get these benefits, taking part regularly in the Club’s sessions is crucial. In fact, all scientific studies have shown that REGULARITY is an essential condition in training your heart.